Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who says that buffalo sauce is just for wings?

Mr. Tana-Licious & my father went absolutely crazy over this dish! It's chicken... stuffed with everything that makes buffalo wings so fabulous!

The only adaptations I made to the recipe are that I spooned the leftover cheese mixture over the pieces of chicken and drizzled the remaining buffalo sauce on top of that. Gave it a little extra kick!

Stuffed Buffalo Chicken

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2 Pound(s) chicken breast halves
4 Tablespoon(s) plus 5 T softened, divided butter
1 Clove(s) minced garlic
4 Ounce(s) bottle hot sauce
8 Ounce(s) room temperature cream cheese
1 Cup(s) ranch dressing
3/4 Cup(s) chopped celery
1/2 Pound(s) crumbled blue cheese
olive oil for frying

Mix together cream cheese, Ranch dressing, celery, 5 T butter and blue cheese. Form into 3" oval patties. Melt 4 T butter. Add hot sauce and garlic. Flatten chicken until 1/4" thick. Arrange cheese mixture on chicken & roll up, tucking in sides to enclose filling. Secure the ends with wooden picks. Dust chicken rolls in flour. Dip in the butter/Red Hot/garlic mixture. Roll in bread crumbs. Spoon remaining cheese mixture over top of chicken. Drizzle remaining hot sauce mixture over top of the cheese. Brown chicken rolls on all sides in olive oil. Bake at 325 for 45 minutes.


  1. Sounds yummy howver, as a bride to be I did some research, and results show I would NOT fit into my wedding dress if I ate this all the time. At 4413 calories that's over twice the recommended daily caloric intake. At 428 grams of fat, that's 7 times the recommended daily fat intake of 60 grams. And at 216 grams of saturated fat that's 10 times the recommended intake of saturated fat. Coronary Nightmare!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your insight losetheweight08... My suggestion to you: don't eat this all the time. I know I don't :)

  3. Way to be a buzz kill dude or dudette.

  4. How do you think
    it would taste if it was baked instead? I was thinking maybe it could be lighter with reduced or f/f cream cheese and ranch dressing. Having made it once, what do you think?

  5. anonymous: This chicken dish is baked. I rolled the chicken logs in homemade breadcrumbs before browning in extra virgin olive oil... then they get transferred to a baking dish to bake. Re: the low fat cream cheese & ranch dressing, I'm sure it's possible! Maybe try nufatchel (sp?) cheese & fat free ranch dressing? Possibilities are endless, I'm sure! :)

  6. Hi again! I meant skipping the browning step altogether and just baking them. Do you think it would be soggy? Thanks! :-)

  7. anonymous: I don't think so... they're only in the pan for maybe 5 minutes... you could toast up the breadcrumbs first, then roll the chicken logs in the toasted bread crumbs before baking just for the texture... or skip the breadcrumbs all together & I'm sure it would still taste fine!

  8. This recipe looks AMAZING!!!

    After seeing the post saying there was 4413, I was like "no way!" maybe for the entire 8 serving recipe.

    SO...I plugged into the ingredients to (great site, I try to track everything I eat but soemthings it's too time consuming) and I made a couple modifications. light butter, Light Blue cheese, Light Ranch, and Light Cream cheese. I haven't tried to copy the recipe yet but I think it shoudl work out fine...

    well with that said, assuming you get 8 servings (about 4oz of chicken each, it's only 293 calories. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! :)

    Keep posting Tana - we love your recipes!!! Can't wait to cook this....