Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I believe in... accessories!

As a lady who fancies herself as having an eye for fashion, it should be no surprise that once Mr. TL and my photography business took off, I went on the hunt for something to dress up my big, heavy, black bodied DSLR camera.

What I came across were two options: Strap covers or custom camera straps. I've tried both and can honestly say that I prefer the custom strap as opposed to the cover just because the strap cover can shift and slide around whereas the custom strap is fully attached and sturdy.

I like to buy a new strap at the beginning of each wedding season since a year worth of use on one strap seems to be when it starts to look a bit worn. Lots of vendors on etsy.com caught my eye but fellow blogger Jennie from A Girl in Pearls & A Boy with Toys pointed my attention to Phat Straps, a company that specializes in custom camera straps.

I picked a pattern I liked, custom designed it with a fuzzy, minky backed strap (to help ease some of the discomfort from wearing a camera around the neck for 10 hours plus!), and received my fancy new strap within 10 days of ordering. Not so shabby!

Without further ado - here is this years strap!

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  1. Oh what a gorgeous strap that is! Mighty fabulous :)