Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Through my blog travels, I've always loved the different days of the week subject matter posts - Wednesday, not wanting to be left out, is following suit with "What I'm Loving Wednesdays" courtesy of the blog This Kind of Love!

I'm loving the mere fact that in less than two weeks, I will be moving out of the dark age of Blackberry and into the bright and happy world of the Apple iPhone! I'm clearly counting down the days until my early upgrade with Verizon (be prepared for next Wednesdays post to have a similiar love and then, the following Wednesday, I'll probably be gushing about said iPhone. You've been warned.).

I'm loving my gal pals that I have been fortunate to meet through a crazy place known as The Knot. Obviously I'm well removed from wedding planning but there is a group of 9 women that I'm lucky enough to call friends. They make me all sorts of warm and fuzzy.

I'm loving the extended period of sunshine we've been fortunate enough to have in the early evening. To me, that's a sure sign that warmer weather is on it's way.

I'm loving my new camera strap as seen on this blog post - I believe in... accessories! Mr. TL and I shot our first wedding this past Saturday and not once was I reaching up to rub my neck from the chaff that my older strap had caused. A simple pleasure while shooting a 10+ hour wedding!

Tell me lovers, what are you LOVING on this Wednesday?!


  1. Love that camera strap. I have been looking for one. I also am super jealous you are about to get an iphone! :) Your blog is precious!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog layout. The colors are so great :)

  3. I agree- LOVE your layout!!

    And HI, new follower here :) Found you through the link up!

  4. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!