Friday, April 1, 2011

My latest beauty obsession!

I'm addicted to a select few items in life...
Starbucks Iced Non-Fat Chai
costume jewelry
Katy Perry
trashy reality TV
Le Creuset cookware
manicures & pedicures

I'm obsessed with nail polish. I own just about every shade under the sun... darks, lights, reds, purples, browns, blacks, sparkly, grey... You name it, I own it. My biggest issue is the seemingly instant chip I get after polishing, even with my favorite top cost (Essie's To Dry For). It drives me nutty.

Well friends, my eyes have been opened. For the past few months I've been indulging in OPI's Axxium Polish. It's a gel manicure meaning that the polish lasts for up to 4 weeks, unchipped. FOUR WEEKS?! Amazeballs. Honestly.

I went to my favorite little nail salon last Friday and had my monthly gel manicure - this picture is from today, a full week later, and my nails are still as pretty as when it was first applied.

I opted for a rich, dark purpley color that is one of my go-to's: Lincoln Park after Dark. I own a bottle of this polish in "Regular" polish so I was happy to see that they carried it in the Axxium line too.

The downside here is that it is a smidge more expensive, the color choices are more limited, and you do not have the option to quickly remove the polish for a fun change. That being said, it's perfect if you're going on vacation and don't want to worry about chipping polish. Or you have a couple of events within a short amount of time that you want to look fab for. In either of those cases, it's absolutely worth it!


  1. I keep hearing about that polish and seriously have to try it already! Your manicure looks great!

    Oh and I loooove Katy Perry too! :D

  2. I got Lincoln Park after dark when I got that done. Do you know I heard that you can paint nail polish over it and remove it with polish and it'll still be there underneath. I'm not swearing by it, but if you need a quick polish change I heard that works.