Friday, April 1, 2011


Fun Fridays

I'm jumping on Jennie's Fun Friday bandwagon as Lord knows I love Friday's!

My weekend began a day early... I had a day off and I spent it with my two favorite men - Carter and Ryan. No worries, Mr. TL is fully aware of my head over heels love affair with these two handsome men.
Who are these two men that I spend all my extra time with? Their Mr. TL's first cousins... who happen to be just a smidge over 3 months old :) {pardon the crappy Blackberry picture}...

C & R had their first "job" today... 3 months is not too early for them to start earning their keep, is it? They were involved in a commercial photo shoot for Summer Infant (the makers of those heavenly SwaddleMe's that Mom's everywhere know and love!).

The remainder of the weekend should be nice and low-key, which is a nice change of pace! Tomorrow we'll celebrate Mr. TL's Dad's birthday and maybe we'll catch a movie in the evening. I think we're leaning towards seeing "Limitless" but we shall see!

Sunday will bring about studying, writing papers, and prepping for the week ahead!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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