Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We're halfway to the weekend and that means it's time to take a peek at what I'm loving this week!

I'm loving... the springtime! Because the weather has been PERFECT here in Rhode Island, it's time to work a more springy wardrobe into my life. Read: basic v neck short sleeves tees, jean capris, beaded flip flops, and chunky necklaces! Today I'm wearing a crisp, white tee, my favorite denim capris, and this big, chunky turquoise necklace that I love so much that when it fell apart last year, I learned how to repair it myself so that if it were to happen again, I wouldn't be without my favorite summer necklace!

I'm loving... that our trip to Disney is in just over 2 weeks! This means I can finally start obsessively packing and planning our trip. I'm thinking about a post dedicated solely to what I think is absolutely necessary for a trip to Disney... any excuse to talk about the trip is a-okay with me :)

I'm loving... my new Camelbak water bottle. After Mr. TL mentioned that his water from his Sigg bottle was starting to taste off, I did some research about metal bottles and how the metal can, after excessive use, wear down. Needless to say, I tossed them into the trash and picked up a pink CB for me and a blue PB for Mr. TL. I love the built in straw, the convenient handle, and the ability to shove ice cubes in. All in all, a good purchase!

What are you loving this week? Head over to Jamie's blog and link up!


  1. Love when the weather is just right for your favorite clothes!

  2. What awesome things you are loving today! Hope you had a great Wednesday! Love the necklace!

  3. My husband was looking at getting that camelbak... Maybe I'll get him one :)

  4. You did not have to dress up on our account!