Sunday, April 3, 2011

Product Review: Bath & Body Works newest scent

There are very few stores that I can walk in and out of and not spend a dime. Bath & Body Works does NOT fall into that category. Not by a long shot ;)

I buy their antibacterial hand soaps like they're going out of style.
As much as I love designer label perfumes, I also love B+BW body sprays.
Their body butters are my crack.
Don't even get me started on their CO Bigelow or Aromatherapy lines - swoon!!

So today while making a quick Target (love!) run, I popped in to see what's new and spotted signage for a "Coming Soon" fragrance - Country Chic. Now, by its name itself, I wasn't very intrigued. Sure I'm all about being chic (Hello! Look at the tag line of this blog :)) but COUNTRY chic? Ehhh...

Well this was a case of "don't judge a book by its cover" in every sense of the saying. One sniff of Country Chic and I was smitten! It smells light and fresh with a floral hint that isn't overpowering whatsoever. I really like their body sprays in the summer because they are so light and don't overpower anything. Country Chic will be the perfect scent to add to my body spray collection. And yes - I really do have this many body sprays in my collection (Mr. TL just rolls his eyes when I come home with a new one...).

I was bummed to see that the official launch for Country Chic isn't until mid-April BUT they did have travel sized body sprays and lotions in stock and on sale ($2 and $1, respectively). The Lotion is the perfect size for my handbag and the Body Spray is perfect for travel (Disney World in T-minus 45 days!).

Deal alert - with the purchase of the travel sized lotion, there was an attached coupon for a free signature Body item (up to a $12 value) free with the purchase of any Country Chic item. Looks like I'll have an excuse to head back to Bath & Body Works in the coming weeks... But really... Did I NEED an excuse?! ;)

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