Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

This week's edition of Top 2 Tuesday revolves around beverages... and for those of you who say "I only drink water" - you're not fooling anyone ;)

# 1: Cherry Coke
Like most soda's, it is horribly bad for you but the taste, oh my word, I adore it's sickeningly sweet taste. I prefer my Cherry Coke from a fountain (it's fizzier!) but won't say no to a bottle or can!

# 2: Sangria
There's no drink I love more on a hot summer day than sangria with lots of boozed up fruit in it! I'm a huge fan of wine so what's better than wine with tons more sweetness and chunks of fruit?! My friend Katy "loaned" me her incredible White Peach Sangria recipe and I make it every chance I can.

What liquid libations (boozey or not!) are your favorites? Head over to The Undomestic Momma and link up!


  1. i wanna try cherry coke =)

    new follower here hope you follow back =)



  2. I grabbed a Cherry Coke for the ride back from VA this past weekend and had forgotten how amazing they are!!

  3. Oooo sangria sounds soo good. I love a good margarita with a sangria swirl. [But I definitely just typed squirrel first... that'd be weird!]

  4. Oh my goodness that sangria looks amazing! I am a HUGE fan of wine :)

  5. great picks

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