Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yet another fabulous color by Essie!

On Monday I received my order from Ulta (yay for 20% off!) and immediately had to try one of my new nail polishes - Essie's Demure Vixen. I was excited to see that the polish has an iridescent quality to it but slightly disappointed to see how sheer it was. I was able to alleviate the sheerness by applying three coats and then the top coat (Good To Go by Essie - super fast drying) which helped to set the three coats.

Demure Vixen is a great color for spring and reminds me of the prettiest light purple Easter egg you've ever seen.

Next up is the other new bottle of polish, Splash of Grenadine... Confession time: I get way TOO excited to try new nail polishes. I guess there are worst addictions in life ;)


  1. Nail polish addicts unite! :) I have problems with Essie a lot because of its sheerness. Dislike! But I do love that color.

  2. Pretty color and I was totally thinking Easter egg too! :p I've recently become addicted to nail polish - at least it's one of the "cheaper" addictions to have. lol!

  3. That is a really pretty purple!

  4. I like that color! I tried Turquoise and Caicos the other day and loved it - then I tried my new color, Tart Deco, last night and I am not a fan :( Back to Ulta to exchange it for something else!