Monday, April 18, 2011

Say it isn't so!

This morning while reading the news (aka: Perez Hilton) I was sad to read that my favorite couple from Teen Mom was calling it quits! Leah and Corey... done-ski!

As we all know, Perez is fairly reliable but I knew for certain that star crossed teen lovers were done for sure when I saw these magazine covers while grocery shopping this afternoon (and yes this means that I also get my news from magazines such as Ok! and InTouch - no judging, please :)).

Now we (and by we I mean myself and anyone else who secretly watches Teen Mom) will sit and wonder why did this marriage fail so soon. Was is Leah;s cold feet lasting into the marriage? Or was Corey out with some other chick-a-dee?! Oh I know EXACTLY what did them in. Realizing they let their groomsmen wear camouflage tuxedo vests...

Whatever the reason, I do hope they can be adult enough to be sufficient parents to their beautiful twin girls... and promise to never get back together. This roller coaster just isn't good for me! :)


  1. I knoooow, I heard this yesterday and made me so sad!! {I got the news from my reliable news source OMG on Yahoo :} They were my favorite and I was totally rootin for them! :(

  2. oh nooo!!! I'm devastated :( I loved them together and thought they could really make it.

  3. I don't watch that show, but it is too sad. Have a fabulous Monday love! Kori xoxo

  4. Really??! I thought they would make it a lot longer than this!!!