Monday, April 11, 2011

All things iPhone.

As you've heard, I'm in love with my iPhone. It is that love at first sight, can't get enough, keep wanting more sort of love.

I'm fully aware that it's a cell phone I talking about.

Don't judge me.

Before Isadora was even in my hands, I had already made two purchases for "her" - a case and a Monster cable to I can jam out in my car to all my lovely iPod songs.

Up first... the case to end all cases.

I went on the hunt for a cute and fun iPhone case the minut eI found out one was headed my way. I scoured the internet and while I did find some adorable ones, I read one too many reviews about how they were not sturdy, opened when the iPhone was dropped, chipped and or had cracks within days of use. Mr. TL took the time to remind me how hard I am on cell phones and how the iPhone is basically glass (read: it can shatter) so I'd need someone more functional than cute. I begrudgingly gave in and took a gander at OtterBox cases. I bought Mr. TL one for his Droid as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time and while it isn't polka dots and pretty, it serves it's purpose very well.

I opted for the white on white Defender Series Case as opposed to the hot pink and white one that Mr. TL was betting I'd go for (although it IS sitting in my Amazon shopping cart currently...).

I love the little peep hole in the back for the Apple logo!

And the front comes with a thin plastic screen protector that is easy to work with and requires minimal pressure on the touch screen.

My second purchase for Isadora was a Monster cable - their iCable 800 to be exact. I've had a Monster car charger/ player/ tuner cable for my regular iPod but it a) doesn't charge the iPhone and b) it's a pain in the neck to have to worry about changing the tuner when you're out of area.

The cable doesn't provide charge capabilities but the sound quality through my car is pretty great. The extra cool part about this is that my car, being a newer model, comes equipped with an Aux jack so it's super easy to connect to and with the push of a button on my radio console, I'm hooked in and ready to go.

So tell me, fellow iPhone lovers, what are your favorite iPhone accessories?


  1. You are so cute honey! I get so excited over things like that too! Oh, by the way your profile pic is gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend...thanks for stopping by today! Kori xoxo

  2. Grabbing your button too! Kori xox0